Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Agony

I went in for beta #2 this morning. My appointment was at 10:30. That is apparently the WRONG time to have an appointment. The room was overrun with pregnant chicks, babies, and toddlers. It was pretty much 20 minutes in Hell.

See, when I have to go in for blood draws, ultrasounds, etc., I can either drive out of town to my RE’s office (about two and a half hours round trip, including time in the office) or I can go to her local partnering office, aka my O/B (I’m back at work in 45 minutes). But there’s a risk. I’ve found if you go in earlier in the morning or just around lunch, it’s usually pretty slow and safe for IFers. Pretty much a baby-free zone. But mid-morning is a whole different animal. This morning, I walked in to find:
  • Mom with tiny newborn and toddler
  • Mom with tiny newborn, toddler, and dad
  • I’m sure it was an oops, barely 20 pregnant chick with gal pal instead of dad
  • Pregnant woman with young child and dad (who looked even more pregnant than mom)
  • Pregnant woman with dad talking to the people in the billing area
  • Pregnant woman with four (yes, four) other girls all probably under 7 (and from the less-than-nice way she yelled at one of them, I’m guessing she’s not an in-home daycare provider)
Seriously. 20 minutes in Hell.

When my awesome nurse, Jackie, called me back, I’m sure she saw the look of panic on my face. “Sorry about that. Sometimes it’s like a pediatrician’s office in here,” she said, “It can be a little overwhelming.”

We chatted a little. She drew my blood. And now we wait (it's the theme of this whole crappy IF thing).

Fingers crossed for at least 146.

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