Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Goods

I finally got around to taking the obligatory photo of my drugs for this cycle. Here it is:

I also found out yesterday that I will have to go out of town for work for a few days between May 4th and May 7th. It's for a beotch of a project, a repeat from last year. Ugh! And we'll be taking the corporate plane so I can't have E come along and turn it into a mini vaca - bummer. But it's what I had been assuming and is why we pushed our IVF schedule out.

Here's our tentative schedule:
May 5 - last BCP
May 7 - period should start
May 8 - baseline bloodwork and ultrasound, hopefully start HMG shots
May 15 - HCG trigger shot
May 17 - retrieval
May 20 - transfer

So, still two more weeks till things really get started. But I have my first acupuncture session tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped and hope it will make me feel like I'm doing something while we wait. Man, this whole waiting thing is just making me crazy.


  1. just stopping by to say hello. Good luck with your IVF cycle. Check out my non profit if you get a chance.

  2. Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Good luck with your upcoming cycle. Besides accunpuncture I also do guided imagery and relaxation cds. A lot of progressive muscle relaxation as well.

    Impressive list of real estate!


  3. is there anything besides waiting in this TTC game (with IF, especially)?!?

    i will be doing my 2nd cycle in may - not far behind you! i will have to keep an eye on you!!

    best of luck!


  4. Just got your comment on my blog---thanks. LOVE the name "WordNerd!" Too cute! (Sorry if I spelled it wrong.) :)

  5. Looks like you got some lucky stuff there! Wishing you a BFP!

  6. I am always flabbergasted when I see these meds pics. Good luck with the business trip and the cycle.


  7. The waiting drives me crazy, too. I remember being so impatient about everything when I was a kid, and thought that I had matured, but with infertility I'm still as impatient as ever.

    That's a very organized photo! I'm hoping all that stuff does its job well.

  8. I'll keep everything crossed for ya, good luck this cycle! :)


  9. Our schedules are similar this cycle...good luck!!