Monday, April 27, 2009

I hope it all worked out OK

Do you ever wonder how things turned out for people you've never met? That's how I felt today.

Saturday night we were browsing at our local big box bookstore, and of course we stopped in the women's health section to check out the fertility books. It's not like we need more. We have an entire shelf. One or both of us have checked out everything available from the library. And we're far enough into it that many of the books don't really offer us much in the way of new information. Still, there were a couple that I almost picked up, but I decided I'd see if I could find them cheaper online.

Fast forward to today. E called to ask if I had ordered those books because he just found them both at a thrift store. Sweet!

When I got home from work I saw that along with the two books I wanted, he found two other fertility books and a pregnancy book. I've seen this before. E and I sell books online (I know - as if jobs, rentals, and trying to get knocked up weren't enough to keep us busy) so we frequently go to thrift stores, book sales and garage sales looking for books. My guess is that they were all donated by one person.

I have no idea who this person is. I probably don't know them, but we live in a smaller city. Maybe I do. You never know. And they've been through the same agony/stress/sadness that we all know too well.

I hope this journey ended the way they wanted.


  1. I find myself thinking about some of the women I have met in the blogosphere... the ones that I haven't gotten to know real well yet, but I know that they are injecting, prepping for IUI or IVF or in that dreaded tww. I think about them and I pray that they get the outcome that they are hoping for, and that the next time I stumble across their blog I will be seeing news of a sticky bfp.


  2. I think about that, too. That's a really cool story, though.


  3. I DO think about people who I know nothing about. When I see people at the doctor, if I give someone directions on the street, and so on. I sometimes drive myself crazy wondering about it.

    Incidentally, do you have any particularly good fertility books to recommend?

  4. :) I wonder the same thing. My mom used to pray for strangers when I was little and I find myself doing it now. Especially now, when I know that my ability to keep my act together is only because of something bigger than me.

    Praying for their happy ending, and for yours!