Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm officially driving myself crazy with the wait. First my boobs feel swollen and sore. Then nothing. Then they're only a little bit sore. From time to time I feel a tiny twinge, cramp, or anything in that general area and wonder if this is it. Implantation? Or just digestion?

E jokes that the "babies" must be kicking. They'll be strong. Maybe soccer players.

Either way, this was my first day back at work after the transfer and thank God I was busy. Don't get me wrong. I spent plenty of time consulting Dr. Google, but I had lots to do (seriously, more than 80 e-mails about just one project between Thursday afternoon and today) so I kept my mind off of it as much as possible.

My beta is on Monday. I think I'm going to take the day off, unless I POAS before that and get a BFP. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make it to Monday without POAS at least twice (I know I have two tests in the house).

This is just maddening. The 2WW is EVIL. I'm trying to stay positive and do my meditations, but AGHHHH!


  1. Hi - I am just popping in from ICLW. I liked your elevator speech! Wow - you guys are busy between jobs, IVF, rental properties and a phd!
    good luck in that crazy making tww!
    FX and everything else!

  2. omg, the tww is KILLING ME. i know what you mean. seriously, just when i need xanax the most, i can't have it.

    i'm glad you finally updated, i was getting worried!!


  3. Wow! You have your beta on Monday already?! Yeah! I have to wait until Wednesday! I know what you mean about possible symptoms. I'm trying to keep myself busy as well!! Going to a baseball game today! (((HUGS)))

  4. Yep. The wait sucks. I start going a little mental usually in the 2nd week and break down and test. I use those first response early tests.

    Saying that, in October I tested the day before the beta and got a positive. I went in for the beta and it was only 25, and then the next beta was a 5. Twas sucky!

    But I hope yours is positive and then your beta numbers are huge and double appropriately! Good luck!

  5. My advice -- definitely take the day off on the day of your beta. Even if it's good news (which I will expect it will be until proven otherwise!), you'll be driven to absolute distraction and completely worthless (if you're anything like me).

    Keeping everything crossed for you....