Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follie Check #2

I went in for my second u/s and b/w today and things are moving along OK. Maybe not as fast as I'd like, but still OK. Here are the numbers:

Left ovary: 13, 11, 11
Right ovary: 17, 14, 14, 14, 11, 7
Lining: 12
E2: 627 (much better!!)

Apparently, I had the numbers for the right and left switched around last time. And they don't count follicles that didn't grow since the last time, so one dropped off on the left. Anyway, I can definitely feel that there's some action on the right side, but the follies still have some growing to do so the dates from our tentative calendar have been pushed back.

Tonight, Friday, and Saturday we'll continue with the 450 of HMG. Friday and Saturday we'll also add the Ganerelix. Sunday morning I'll go in for another u/s and blood draw. Oh, and we're supposed to have sex Friday (yeah, doctor's orders). Hopefully we'll be ready to trigger Monday or Tuesday.

Saturday is also a very close friend's birthday. She's having a big party at her house that night. I'm not sure if we're going to go. I feel really weird doing injections in her bathroom in the midst of a party. And I'm a terrible liar. Lots of close friends will be there and only the B-day girl and one other know our IF details and that we're doing IVF. I'm sure people will wonder why E and I aren't drinking and why we keep going into the bathroom together and hogging it (we're still not very quick at mixing up the meds). I don't really want to tell a bunch of other people. They are friends and it's not that I care what people think about our IF issues. I just don't so many people asking for details in a few weeks. You know, self preservation? Just in case.

So, what would you do?


  1. I was worried about what people would ask as well, turns out nobody really cared. One time I just said I wasn't feeling well...another time I was driving and was already tired. No one ever asked twice.

    Excellent progress!

  2. I don't really care what other people think, and I still want to go about life doing my normal routine so I would just do the injections in the bathroom at the party. But, that's just me. If you're not comfortable with it, then I say skip the party. We're cycle buddies!! My 2nd check was yesterday, too...we go back on Saturday morning with hopefully a trigger Saturday or Sunday night.

  3. Hey I think you should do whatever is best for you concerning the party:)

    looks like the 2nd follie check went really well!! Keep us upadated