Saturday, May 30, 2009

8dp3dt - Can You See It?

Symptom watch has continued all week. It's gone kind of like this:

Ooh, here's some cramping. My boobs don't hurt at all. I feel kind of tired - I wonder if that means anything (besides that I've only been without my precious Diet Coke for about a week). A little more cramping. Nothing. Most of my pants don't fit. I've been driving myself insane!

I've been dying to POAS, but E convinced me to wait until at least this morning. As soon as I woke up, I peed, went downstairs to let the dogs out, and I came back to check the progress. This is what I saw:

It's really faint and I'm sure I didn't really capture it well with my camera, but there's a freakin' line. It's the first time I've EVER seen one. I called E into the bathroom and asked if he could see it, too. He agreed that it was light, but he could see it. He smiled. I cried. We hugged.

HOLY CRAP! I know it's early, and I'll definitely be doing it again tomorrow and again Monday before my beta, but WOW!


  1. I see it, too! I have been dying to POAS, but have been resisting the temptation.

  2. I SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I see it - and I wouldn't even call it light!

  4. I DO see it. Oh my fingers will be crossed for you!